Los Bohemios



Los Bohemios 
are an acoustic ensemble composed of some of the best musicians in Colorado. They play Cuban Son, Salsa, and Boleros (ballads in Spanish with Afro-Cuban rhythms). They also cover other Latin styles such as Bossa Nova, Latin Rock, Latin Jazz and even Mexican Mariachi repertoire. Los Bohemios feature Ricardo Peña on vocals and guitar or requinto, Amy Biondo on vocals and hand percussion, Ed Edwards on guitar and vocals, Mark Diamond on upright bass, and Jose Espino on congas and bongos. They feature great 3-part harmony, Spanish guitars, acoustic bass and Latin percussion to create danceable salsa rhythms in the style of Buena Vista Social Club or Gloria Estefan, and romantic ballads in the style of Los Panchos. Their impeccable musicianship and diverse repertoire move audiences in concerts, clubs, weddings and private events alike. Many people are discovering and enjoying, thanks to Los Bohemios, the wonderful music of Boleros and Los Panchos (a worldwide music phenomenon of the 40’s and 50’s) and the cultural heritage of Cuban and Latin American music. The band can perform with 3, 4, or 5 people, and also as a larger group, with up to 11 musicians, including full horn and percussion sections! In brief………timeless, fun and beautiful music performed by top notch musicians!

Ricardo and His Latin Band Los Bohemios have a brand new CD entitled: Los Bohemios. Andes Survivor and renowned Uruguayan painter Eduardo Strauch painted the album cover. This is a great collection of classic boleros (ballads in spanish featuring 3 part harmony, spanish guitars and Afro-cuban rhythms), Cuban son, a beautiful song by the famous Uruguayan composer Alfredo Zitarrosa and an original salsa song by Ricardo! Los Bohemios are:Ricardo Peña on requinto, guitar, piano and vocals, Amy Biondo on vocals, Ed Edwards on guitar and vocal, Mark Diamond on acoustic bass and Jose Espino on percussion. To purchase the CD click here

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